It involves storing and transmitting data in a way so that only the intended receiver can read and store it. To put simply, it’s a method of encrypting the data to maintain its confidentiality. The levels of snooping on business activities has increased multi folds in the recent years and the demand of this has spiked. NFINITY8(Cryptography company in Dubai) helps you in deploying cryptography in the following areas:


Creation of websites using this technology like SSL based connection from the user to the server to avoid stealing the transactional details such as "credit card details" or "Confidential Details".


Creating web applications using to cryptography to store the data like usernames, passwords and other confidential data and converting them into Hashes.


to safeguard your network and other related elements from hackers, NFINITY8 deploys cryptography for :
Creating site-to-site VPN connection based on SHA256 Encryption.
Creating Network infrastructure using encrypted connections between routers to switch, switch to switch and switch to Wi-Fi access point.