Cyber defence

NFINITY8’s cyber defense services offer you complete visibility into all network traffic and activity that keeps your network security ahead of today’s purpose-built attacks which bypass traditional controls, exploit network vulnerabilities, and either ransom or steal sensitive data, communications, and intellectual property.

What We Offer:

Implementation of Secure Networks

The most important part of cyber defense is to craft a network that can protect all of its components in times of an attack. The security of a network has to be designed in a way so that the ease of its use and the performance remain unaffected. NFINTY8 follows a sequential process to help you develop and implement a secure network while maintaining the effectiveness and efficiency of your networks.

Data Recovery

Cyber-attacks can also result in loss of the data – data which is hard earned and critical for an organization to maintain its competitiveness. Attackers can either encrypt your data or wipe it of completely, leaving you in complete lurch. Our data recovery experts offer you the holistic insights about the recovery, the time required and the process to recover it. With the assurance of credibility and confidentiality, you can be sure that your data will be handled in a safe, secure and confidential manner.

Malware Clearing

Malwares are usually trafficked over the network by the attacker with the intention of disrupting, stealing or causing unruly behavior in the network. Malwares come in different types such as worms, viruses, botnets etc. and all of them have one intention and that is to cause loss to your organization. NFINITY8 helps you in securing your IT infrastructure from all sort of malware attacks by using its professional and custom tools.


It relates to the collection, processing, analyzing and investigation of cyber-attacks in order to derive useful information related to cyber-attacks with the objective of mitigating the vulnerabilities of IT networks in future. Our forensics and investigative team will investigate the attack to the core and give you the insights that will help you in future to mitigate such attacks.

Websites or Social Media Retrieval

NFINITY8 provides its superior services for retrieval of credentials - those credentials which are of paramount importance to change or access the control panel or the domain account. Failure to keep the website or Accounts credentials safely can cost heavily to your business. It can render your website updatable and you can lose important customers. In such scenarios, NFINITY8 can help you in working out the legal formalities to retrieve the accounts or the website or we can use out custom build tools and techniques to retrieve your website or account.

DDOS Protection

DDOS (distributed denial of service) is a type of a cyber-attack where by the attacker tries to attempt to exhaust all the resources available to a network or application so that the genuine users cannot gain access to the network or the application. NFINITY8 is capable to protect you from DDOS attacks in all of its forms be it volumetric, TCP State-Exhaustion or Application Layer attack.

Cyber Incident Response

When a cyber-attack happens, companies need assistance to analyze its impact to the critical infrastructure. Cyber Incident Response is an approach to manage the aftermath of a cyber-attack. The objective is to minimize the damage and get the critical systems back on track as the earliest. NFINITY8 has an extensive experience in managing and resolving cyber security threats. NFINITY8 uses a specialized approach to minimize the losses caused by the security breach while focusing on the quick recovery.

Secure Communication

In present times, where surveillance levels are at peak, secure communication is a necessity. Communications espionage is a growing phenomenon, while spy software is becoming ever cheaper. It is important that public and private organizations take measures at all levels to prevent leaks of sensitive information, before it is too late and serious problems arise. NFINITY8 offers secure communication systems that is weaved by an end to end encryption system. We make your communication systems robust and difficult to access to hackers.

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If confidential communications get into the wrong hands, damage to the business of the enterprise or, at the very least, damage to its reputation may arise. There is also a significant cost and negative publicity resulting from any kind of cyber-attacks. We protect you from all sort of threats be it ransomware, malware, phishing or any other threat.