Penetration Testing

A Penetration Test will detect and eliminate the vulnerabilities in your network. We provide penetration testing using the latest tools and state of the art cyber labs to identify vulnerabilities including stress tests in some areas provided maintaining a normal day in our client’s organization.

We have different types of penetration testing and some of them are:


An authorized hacking attempt against an organization’s internet facing servers such as web, email servers and e-commerce sites. This test is aimed at hardening the external facing network against attackers attempting to compromise vulnerable hosts from outside an organization’s perimeter.


Attempts targeting wireless access points and networks are performed by our Certified Ethical hackers.


An authorized hacking attempt from inside the client’s organization.

Social engineering

Attempts of DOS followed by different sort of techniques to penetrate an organization, we have a dedicated artist who would call and try to get information from the organization staff to penetrate the organization. It’s a unique way and staff should be aware of these new methods.

Why do Penetration Testing?
  • Reduce risk to business continuity and eliminate the vulnerabilities in your network. Find the weakest cyber point in your organization.
  • Provide management with solid knowledge that an attack against their organization is possible.
  • Avoid the costs of adding unnecessary security layers.
  • Empower your employees with knowledge to mitigate and social engineering penetration.
  • Detect known vulnerabilities and discover unknown vulnerabilities which may be exploited to access sensitive information.
  • Audit your external sources.
  • Strengthen systems and network against host compromise.
  • Know how secure your organization is.

How We Do it?

NFINITY8 Penetration Testing Methodology

Reconnaissance and Analysis

NFINITY8 Ethical Hacking team will initiate a comprehensive reconnaissance to your organization using different hacker techniques. Then analyze and correlate the results to provide detailed charts and graphs about the current security situation. These graphs will be highlighting potential vulnerabilities and weaknesses. This will provide critical information for the next phase which is testing and exploitation phase.


NFINITY8 will launch planned and calculated hacking attempts that target each potential vulnerability discovered during the initial phase. These attempts will use a wide array of tactics and techniques that attackers would typically use to compromise an organization. The techniques that will be used will have an outcome and this outcome will be very valuable to fix, avoid and mitigate future attempts most importantly. As NFINITY8 we use all the information we could gather to develop this field more, in return a study FREE of charge will be done to protect your organization.


After completion of the testing phase, NFINITY8 will issue a report which contains all weaknesses listed as per hierarchy and recommendations to rectify and mitigate such issues in the future. 

Stress tests: We perform a massive test on your website and network to check the cyber defense capabilities.