We are the Top Graphic Design Company in Dubai. Our graphic designers are equipped with the latest software and tools in order to provide our clients with high-quality designs for your Branding,  Website Design and Social Media

Why Graphic Design?

Graphic Design is the key component in business marketing and we believe in staying up-to-date with latest trends in media. NFINITY8 helps you to create a professional graphic design for your brand identity and all your business marketing which includes the brochure, voucher design, newsletter & flyer, video creating & editing, letterhead, envelope designs. We provide high-quality promotional item whether it’s a logo, digital image or animated video.

what we do

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Logo Designing & branding

We at NFINITY8 create a long lasting brand value and perception in the minds of your target audience. We specialize in designing logo, brochure & pamphlet, business card, voucher, banner, newsletter, flyers letterheads and envelope.



Animation video presentation is one of the best and most engaging ways of promoting your brand. This process is highly effective way of explaining technical processes and communicating sales propositions. Online videos and animations keep prospective customers engaged and on your website for longer time. Also, they help to boost your search engine ranking positions.

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Video Creation and Promotion

We plan, create and distribute quality videos & clips with smart and intelligent content. You can use any platform to publish the video, or our planning team can build a strategy to advertise and promote your video.

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Stop motion & Motion Graphics

Stop motion and Motion Graphics enables a beautiful flow in the presentation of an animate film, video or commercial. It is numerous hours of dedication and detailing hard work in integrating a precise sequence of frames that gives the movement action when played. We use the proper tools for precision and tight timing.

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Cartoon integration into the website has proved to be more engaging and appealing. It has proved to be more explanatory in mostly all functionality most of the time. Digital cartoons have proved to be multifunctional. It is more engaging that creates more customer traffic and reduces the bounce rate of the visitors. Let’s take advantage of the fact that people watch more video than read.

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Imagine watching cartoons more precisely and in a color flow. That is what 4K is. The enhancement of an 1280 x 720 pixels to 4096 x 2160 pixels where the viewer is awed with a better image definition quality, better fast action and larger projection of surface visibility. The incorporation of 4K cartoons has been helpful for various industries such as consumer electronics, business education, etc.