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With digital marketing technology, there is a big change in how the information is delivered and consumed. This also brings a constant challenge for the advertisers how they should best reach and engage their customers. It might be surprising to learn that in this digital age businesses still select newspaper advertising from a variety of other options as it provides a number of significant benefits as compared to other Digital marketing services like SEO, Social media marketing, Email Marketing, instagram marketing and SMS Marketing. Let’s talk about a few of them.

Wider Reach
Newspaper insert is a separate advertisement put in the newspaper. It could be any promotional offer, useful information, announcements of an upcoming sale, event information or any product launch. In this digital age with digital media consumption higher than ever, newspapers still remains an influential medium reaching millions of people on a daily basis. With newspaper advertising, you can reach out to specific demographics which are difficult to target with other mediums.

Customer’s Trust
An advertisement printed in the newspaper will be most trusted by the reader. Despite extensive use of digital media, readers under the age of 35 trust advertisements in newspapers. Avid readers or savvy shoppers tend to scrutinize their favorite sections and pages not to miss on any such information updates or good offers. Such advertisement inserts greatly help in driving consumers to take the required action.

More Engaging
For the newspaper audiences, this media proves more engaging as there are very few distractions for the reader as compared to watching advertisements on other mediums for the simple reason that readers will go this medium when they have time for themselves unlike scrolling through their social media accounts whilst they are already be engaged in some other activity. Eg. Checking messages while watching television.

More affordable
As compared to other media like radio, television or direct mail advertising, newspaper advertisements typically cost less per thousand readers. The staff members of the newspaper company work directly with advertisers for ads creation with no extra costs. The ads can be customized as per the budget. Less budget means fewer digital or printed advertisements included in a circulation, which is a significant benefit as your business will have less competition for customers and ad space than other mediums. Any increased frequency and ad coverage can get you discounts.

Quality Customers
Newspaper readers generally come from a background of higher education, upper income and managerial occupational and even include influencers who have an impact on other people as well. So your advertisement is not only just reach the reader but other people around him who will also benefit from your advertisement. Your best prospects are already newsreaders!    

While it’s true that with technology advertising mediums are continuing to expand, newspaper advertising is still seen as the most flexible, trusted and affordable medium for reaching out to customers provided the advertisements are properly planned. If you are also looking for newspaper advertisements for your business and would like to speak to somebody to know more about it, contact us now.

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