In Part One of the “Leveraging AI” article series, we have discussed some unvisited AI concepts and how to incorporate them into your local business web content optimization as part of the SEO strategy you must implement for your business. 

Moving ahead while maintaining the content course into the world of Advertisement Writing. You can find an infinite number of online resources that roam around the vicinity of types of Ads, Google Ads, effective CTAs and advertisement writing formats. 

But today, we would like to visit some of these aspects that are yet to be fully explored to their full potential, but their presence will undoubtedly be felt in the near future, if not nearer. 

So, let’s delve into our focal point of the day: 

Online Advertising & AI 

Let’s jump directly to the first question concerning the written side of ads: 

How can AI help improve your Ad Copies?

The most common term you will hear regarding Advertisement Writing is “Ad Copy”. Ad copies, by definition, are a form of short and catchy content, created to incite the reader to take the action he is called to do. That’s why It always contains an integral part named Call to Action (CTA). 

It is vital to understand that an Ad Copy would greatly vary, depending on the Ad type, be it social media advertising, Paid search advertising, Native advertising, or Display advertising.  

To take it to the basics, it depends if it is a text-only ad, video ad, animated banner, still image ad, outdoor banner, TV or Radio ad or any other variable. 

To achieve the targeted objective, the reader needs to be intrigued enough by the copy, most importantly, finds it matching to his/her need. 

Also, AI’s machine learning and natural language processing capabilities will bless your local business with the benefit of contextual ad placement, which means you can be guaranteed that your ads will be displayed on the correct web pages based on the context-targeting approach of these pages. This means it gets you closer to your target audiences, that are more likely to convert into clients. 

How to find the perfect AI/HI Balance? 

While it is vital to keep a human touch embedded into your creative content, especially for local businesses, AI can have more of a role in content creation when it comes to Ad copies. Let’s face it, while the quality and appeal of your ad copy retain their import, at the end of the day, what ads aim for is to lead to an action (Register, Purchase, Hiring, Booking, etc.) by the potential or existing clients. 

And here, AI can push ads performance beyond the human limit, avoid burning your Ad Spend to no result, and achieve the highest ROI possible for your online marketing budget through more intelligent A/B Testing and Feature Importance analysis. 

You can spend days and days monitoring your ads’ performances, exerting a lot of effort and consuming valuable time in trying to humanly assess which ad has the better performance. AI can be the factor that turns these days into minutes and give a higher tempo for your business advertising plan. 

An AI-empowered media buyer or online marketing platform can make your job easier and your investments more profitable every step of the way, from Autonomous Marketing & Ad Management to finding the most accurate demographics and interest-based segmentation and geographic locations of your target audiences in the local market, to producing more converting display ads by constantly alternating the products/services or the design of the ad’s creatives, and generating more effective ad copies. 

The steps we would recommend here are: 

1-     Define clear advertising goals for your local business and local target audience 
2-     Do not imitate your competitors in the ad ideas and ad copies 
3-     Choose the most suitable AI media buyer for your local business goals 
4-     Feed the AI tool with as many options and information that you think achieves your goals 
5-     Choose the most effective ad types that suit your local business needs 

How can AI help me build and manage my online advertising strategy? 

To perform the above steps with success, we would need to illuminate some points that can make your road to leveraging AI in local advertising less bumpy: 

Ad types 

A crucial aspect of an online advertising campaign is the phase during which any local business defines its marketing objectives and then chooses the ad types suitable to reach these objectives. 

And here, AI can be of significant help, not only when it comes to choosing the suitable ad types and marketing channels, but in allocating the budget according to what achieves the best results. However, an AI media buyer cannot make all the decisions on its own, so make sure to pick your ad types carefully from the usual suspects’ list: 

–         Search advertising 
–         Pay-per-click 
–         Pop-up ads 
–         Digital display Advertising 
–         Web banners 
–         Video advertising 
–         Social network advertising 

Then, after giving your AI-empowered marketing tool all the information it needs about your business, objectives, creatives and ad copies, you can rely on the AI powers to smartly boost the results of your advertising campaign, save your budget from needless Ad Spend, monitor your ads’ performances, and allocate spend intelligently. This perfectly leads us into the next focus point. 

Budget Allocation 

The human element here needs to precede Artificial intelligence, as you, the local business owner or marketing manager, are the most suitable candidates to define your objectives, facing the two classic options: 

–         Increasing sales 
–         Increasing brand awareness 

Then, the time comes for artificial intelligence to help you adjust your allocated online marketing budget, to achieve what it finds that your business now needs, based on its algorithmic data analysis. On the buyer side of the river, it can allocate your ads budget depending on what needs enhancements, whether it is improving conversion rate, boosting website traffic, or retargeting bouncing visitors. 

On the brand awareness side of the river, it can prioritize growing social media followers, increasing ad impressions, getting more shares, etc. 

These tasks can be time-consuming and exhausting for the HI (Human Intelligence). But isn’t this exactly why we have created AI? 

Audience targeting 

Targeting is undoubtedly an area where AI can be a defining factor in its success for obvious reasons, as artificial intelligence can beat the human brain’s processing speed and capacity any day. 

This is why leveraging an AI media buyer -AKA: Demand-Side Platform (DSP)- to perform the tedious tasks of analyzing and discovering interests, launching multiple audiences, detecting and covering blind spots in your local ad campaign, testing multiple bid approaches, and taking control over live ad monitoring and bid testing to achieve the highest conversion level. 

What can Nfinity8’s GAMMA offer your local business? 

We at NFINITY8, have an AI patent called GAMMA, through which we leverage the previously detailed AI capabilities above and beyond the human capacity, across our digital advertising campaigns & media buying processes, which enables us to reach the optimum ROI levels for our clients. 

We lead the region with this innovative AI digital marketing tool as we take analytics, forecasting and targeting to the next level, to give local and international brands the furthest reach, the best return on ad investment, and the best ad campaign results. 

Nfinity8’s GAMMA offers the most comprehensive digital media packages, and it is more than capable of aggregating enormous sums of targeted audience data from multiple online sources, which enables us after meticulous market research, to target and activate the most valuable audiences, clients and prospects who mesh perfectly with the online objectives of your local business. 


Don’t get your expectations so high, as it will take a long time for AI to create “original” catchy taglines and ad copies, or build and design an entire marketing campaign on its own, if at all it reaches that level. Because remember when we told you that any neural network needs to be fed a dataset of previously created “human-written” content, for any AI application to be able to read, tokenize, learn, understand, assess and then create, but will its creation ever be 100% as original as a “human” creative copy? 

We leave this answer for the future, but until we find it, Advertising remains a collaborative process between human creativity and data-driven AI technology. And that’s how we do it, fusing Nfinity8’s creative expertise with the power of AI-empowered GAMMA to provide our clients with the most effective marketing solutions and results to overtake their local competitors. 

See you in Part 3 of our “Leveraging AI” series. 

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