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Today, all businesses, large and small, use social media to promote their brands. However, some seem to be making very effective use of their platforms and others are not. If you fall into the latter category, what is missing from your social media accounts?

What is missing from your social media accounts is simply a strategy, so what is social media strategy?

Social Media Strategy:

A social media strategy is a document that contains your tactical plan on how to interact with your target audience and increase their presence and engagement on your social media in order to achieve your company’s goal, whether it’s to build brand awareness, generate interest, or provide information.

Your social media marketing strategy should include the online channels you already use or plan to add, and the goals you want to achieve from each platform. These goals should be in line with your brand’s marketing and communication strategies.

You can describe it as a summary of each step and objective you plan to achieve on social media, including the metrics you will use to measure your performance and actions online. The more detailed your plan, the more effective, measurable and achievable it will be. Why is it so important?

Why is it important?

Let’s say you have 7.9 billion customers and potential customers spread over an area of 510065623 km2 and you want to communicate with them and promote your business. Would you want to go that far to talk to them? Probably not.

Now, imagine that 59% of these potential customers are in one specific location: how much easier is it to reach them? Would you go there to communicate with them? Definitely yes.

Don’t panic and don’t let your imagination run wild, because these numbers are real and you can find the 59% of these 7.9 billion customers spread over our planet Earth (510065623 km2) in one place, the internet. How important is this information when you are considering growing your business and how would you use this place wisely?

Are you going to go to this place full of customers, to promote your brand spontaneously and without preparation?
Wouldn’t you want to know more about these customers?
Wouldn’t you want to prepare the perfect message you want to deliver?
Wouldn’t you need a strategy to approach them?
Of course you would, and that’s why, ladies and gentlemen, you need a social media strategy before you knock on the door of the digital world.

How to create a Social Media Strategy?

The first step in creating a powerful and effective social media strategy is to identify your objectives and set S.M.A.R.T (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-bound) goals.

Okay, objectives are identified and goals are set, how will you measure your performance and success? The answer lies in step two: use useful tracking metrics to see your results in terms of engagement and conversion rates.
But before you jump to conclusions and call your strategy a success or failure, apply step 3, which is to know your audience and your competitors VERY WELL.

Once you know who you are targeting and competing with, choose the channels you think are right for your business and where your audience is most active, create your new accounts or improve existing ones, put on your investigator hat and do a social media sentiment analysis, decide what rule you will use for social media (e.g., 80/20 or 1/3), prepare your content, set a social media calendar, and finally, set the date for your strategic appearance. Good luck!

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