When I first heard someone say this term, I immediately googled the words and found a very simple explanation of it.  According to Sridhar Ramaswamy “Micro-moments occur when people reflexively turn to a device—increasingly a smartphone—to act on a need to learn something, do something, discover something, watch something, or buy something. They are intent-rich moments when decisions are made and preferences shaped.”

As I began to understand it more, I realized it was one of the micro-moments of my day when once again I was looking for some information on my mobile and of course I found it. Thanks to Google!!

We all are carrying technology in our pocket in the form of this small device ‘Mobile’. It always accompanies us whether we are at home, office, shopping mall, hospital or even on roads. There are hundreds of moments in a day when we would reach out to our mobile to call people, text, set an alarm, put a reminder or even take a selfie!! But then there are specific ‘I want to know’, ‘I want to go’, ‘I want to do’ and ‘I want to buy’ moments which involves preferences and decision making by us as a consumer. In these moments as a consumer, our expectations are highest than ever. The Technology has impacted our behavior so much that our mind is now trained to expect results immediately and exactly the way we want. These instances are micro-moments when a consumer would reflexively turn to a device to fulfill an immediate need. As a marketer if you want to turn this changing “right here, right now” behavior of customers into a superb opportunity to connect with them and build trust, you have to well anticipate their needs and enable them to do what they want to achieve in that particular moment by providing a quick and right information. These micro-moments have great implications for your digital marketing efforts.

In micro moments
Image by: searchengineland

As Google says “micro-moments” represents a new way of thinking and a new opportunity for online marketers and that it has the potential to add a lot to your internet marketing strategy. Customers are not brand committed when they start looking for information online, most of them will buy from where they get the information they were looking for at that very moment. As a marketer, you have to think and identify those small moments of a consumer’s buying journey that ultimately leads to final buying decision moment. If you are able to connect with your customers’ right at the moment when they searched for information, they are likely to buy from you. It is very clear that the successful brands of tomorrow will be those who will be able to understand the importance of these micro-moments, identify them in their customers’ buying decision journey, connect with them and able to deliver exactly what they needed right when they ask for it.

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