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Google My Business is a new feature in Google that offers a real-time communication channel to reach your customers. A business owner can now publish their New Products, Special Offers, Events, and Services that will appear on Google Search and Maps in few moments. Now Google My Business help businesses attract more attention to their brands and increase online visibility.


Keys to consider in writing a post:

  1. Type of Post  – This indicates the type of content you want to publish. What do you want to post? Whether to tell your follower to visit your store, sell something or announce special offers, Launch new products.
  2. Photos – Photos should be at a minimum resolution of 720-pixel width by 540-pixel height, and format must be in JPG or PNG.
  3. Title – Describe your post in 4-5 words or 58 characters for your title.
  4. Content –  Make sure that your content meets Google My Business guidelines and best practices. Described the full details of your post. The ideal length is between 150-300 characters.
  5. Call to action: Include instructions such as Buy, Book online, Learn More, Call, or  Visit.


Step on How to create a Post from your Google My Business and have your content appear on Google Search and Maps in a real time.


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