How to Build Your Brand Authority on Instagram: 5 Key Steps.

Brand authority is a term used to describe the trust a brand has built with customers and how they perceive it as an expert in the field.

Numerous factors can impact your brand’s authority, such as a consistent online presence, engaging and compelling content, and even the platform you use the most. Instagram is one of the favorite social media platforms for many brands to build authority, so let’s discover the critical steps to building authority on Instagram.

1. Find Your Audience and Get to Know Them:


Finding and knowing your target audience is integral to building your brand’s authority. Instagram’s audience is vast and multi-layered, so it’s necessary to identify it.

If you are new to Instagram and want to find your target audience, take a look at your competitors’ followers, your target audience is right there.

You can also use social listening tools to see where conversations about your brand are at and monitor your Instagram insights to see what types of content are getting the most number of interactions.

Get to know your audience using the Live and Instagram Polls functions; it will take a little bit of trial and error to figure out what type of content generates the most conversions and brand awareness and, therefore, authority.

2. Develop A Strategy:


Content is king, and the first step to establishing your brand’s authority on Instagram is to formulate a content strategy.

Your brand’s content strategy should consist of various high-value, engaging content types such as informative, aspirational, Inspirational, and user-generated content (UGC).

This strategy must be unique to your brand and resonate with the latest trends on Instagram. Having a pre-planned strategy helps you keep tabs on the work you are doing and make sure that you make the most of the social media platform.

Keep an eye on your Instagram Insights to ensure your content is landing with your target audience and keeping followers engaged.

3. Get Inspired:


Instagram is all about creating a lifestyle feel and is full of thriving brands that know how to sell that sense of lifestyle and, in turn, sell themselves. Get inspired by their content, strategy, and footprint, and use it for inspiration.

In the world of Instagram, one of the most powerful things is its range of features and aesthetics. Draw inspiration from creative brands and pay attention to the types of content they post and how they use Stories, Reels, IGTV, and posts for guidance in developing your brand’s Instagram design aesthetic and the kind of content that will make you stand out from the crowd and build your brand authority. 

4. Collaborate with Instagrammers:


In this crowded digital world, all brands are trying to communicate their brand message through consumer advertising. However, the more they try, the more likely audiences are to develop brand blindness; in other words, users ignore brand messages and voluntarily choose not to hear or see them.

To make your brand authority, you need to find a trusted voice on Instagram and collaborate with them.

That trusted voice is Instagram influencers; they are real people who have built a loyal following over a long period, and their audience has developed a trust in them. Instagram influencers can give you immediate access to their fan base and promote your services and products, amplifying your brand’s message and gaining authority on the platform.

5. Be Consistent:


If you want to stand out on any social media platform, you need to post regularly; the same is true for Instagram; consistency, frequency, and stability generate brand trust and authority.

On Instagram, frequency is the key to strong brand loyalty, not only in terms of posts but also in brand style and theme. To build brand authority on Instagram (or any other social media platform), you must maintain a consistent brand voice, style, and theme to create a unique personality and brand identity that users can trust on the platform.

To convey your messages, you need to post quality content regularly with proper captions (using minimal words) that can leave a lasting impact. You can set up a posting schedule and plan it well ahead of time; social media experts recommend posting one post per day and preparing at least two weeks of content in advance.

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