Below are the different types of Facebook Ads that increase you business online visibility

1. Promote your Post

Facebook marketing and  Facebook ads boosting is the effective way to get more exposure and reach new audience for your advertisements, it can be offers, news or special events. Additionally you can  target people in your local area to boost your sales. This can all be done right from your Facebook Page.


2. Create App Ads

App becomes a necessary tool in increasing business revenue and engagement. You can connect better with your customer or ad users they can easily click, like, comment, share and install your app.  App Ads can either Desktop App Ads or Mobile App Ads: With Desktop App Ads, you can promote your app in the News Feed on Facebook and with Mobile App Ads, you can promote your app in the Facebook Mobile News Feed.


3. Increase Website Traffic from Facebook

Add Facebook Share Buttons to your Website, make it easy for your content to be shared on Facebook. In fact sharing interesting tips, news, Pictures of your products and services is the easiest way to build engagement to your followers. Make sure you include your website link to get people to visit your website.


4. Reach your target Audience

Set up your audience reach those audiences who are most interested in your ads. Moreover targeting options include Location, Age, Gender and you can even narrow your audience base on their Interest, Demographics, Behaviors and Connections.


5. Get Leads for your Business

Through Facebook you can collect leads by either posting a Landing Page or Creating App for your products or services, for Landing Page you can ask your follower to input their details in exchange with offers or free services  and for app encourage people to download to see more of your updates or offers.


6. Get Video Views

Increase Traffic and Views by promoting your video ads or either by uploading your video directly to Facebook or a platform to do your YouTube marketing. Further, don’t forget to always use a Call to action.


7. Get people to attend your event

Facebook events are a fantastic tool for event Marketing. Create an event facebook ads and share with your fan base or news feed. The Important thing is to re target those people in your connections specially those who are already been going to any event on your page.


8. Get people to claim your offer

Offers are the discount you can create to your Facebook Page and share with your followers or customers to encourage them to shop from your store.


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