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Social Media Marketing can play a crucial role in improving customer engagement.


Hope you enjoyed reading our blog on Top Ways to Use Social Media Marketing for Your Business. Social media is an integral part of the marketing strategy for any business and its sole purpose is not just to drive sales and generate leads but more to build a stronger relationship with the customers as well.  It paves the way for a business to share and strengthen the bond with its audience and understand them better.


On 11th January, Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook would be changing its news feed algorithm to prioritize content from “friends, family, and groups.” As he says there will be less public content like posts from businesses, brands and media and businesses will have to work harder than ever to gain their customer’s attention on the platform. It is evident for businesses to post content that will encourage meaningful interactions between people.” We are yet to see the results of new algorithm however it is going to challenge businesses more than ever before to come up with content that really focuses on providing great user experience, is more relevant to the users and triggers them to respond to it rather than just getting likes from the audience.


Now there is a stronger need for businesses to emphasize more on customer engagement and establish more trust with existing or potential customers. Companies which will be able to think differently to utilize the power of social media for building meaningful engagement with the customers will not only succeed but thrive. A fully engaged customer will always remain loyal and emotionally attached to their favourite business brands and will never opt for any alternatives. It is proven that level of customer engagement can be directly linked to crucial business results.


Now the question comes; what type of content will lead to more engagement! There is a plethora of content that gets generated and put on the social media every day. There is no limit to the amount and the kind of content that can be produced. There can’t be one single strategy that will give results for every business. There are content writing strategies that can help acquire more organic traffic but there are certain fundamentals of creating engaging content.


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1. Quality and relevance

You need to know who your customers are! With your goals and target audiences in mind, try to find out what can you offer them or what they would like to hear from you. Think about content that will generate a response from viewers and give them reasons to return to your page. It is easy to create just any content; more effort and time is required for creating a good quality content which is relevant to the users as they are following your page for a reason.


2. Your content must be original

Originality confirms uniqueness in your content. What will set apart your view or creation from the content present on other websites on similar topics is originality. Of course, it is not at all easy to come up with new ideas for every piece of content however you can make efforts to present an already existing information or thought from your standpoint and Google will just love you for it! Content need not necessarily be a blog or article; an image, infographic or video is also a content. To preserve individuality don’t stick to creating just one type of content.


3. More visual content

The human brain processes images faster than text, this is the reason your audience will always prefer and find easier to engage with a visual content rather than plain text. Select from multiple creative options like sharing a simple image, infographics, GIFs, videos or any graphics tutorial giving information about your product or services. What makes visuals indispensable part of every content strategy is that they are always less time-consuming, are more enjoyable therefore easy to remember. They stimulate a prompt and stronger reaction so more likely to get shared!


Visual content strategy

4. Engagement must be two-way!

Think if your content is giving a chance to your audience to share their opinions and feelings. You are creating content for them but if your company is doing all the talking; narrates your business products, viewers will soon start to lose interest as they are not getting any chance to converse. If your content is only meant for reading or viewing and is not provoking users to take any actions, you will never to come to understand your audience, their likes or dislikes, do they feel your content is useful or not! Think of some ideas how you can turn a tedious post into an interactive one.


Be there to connect with your customers, engage in conversations and enhance your relationship with them! Please do share your ideas to optimize social media for customer engagement!


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