Branding, Brand Identity & Brand Personality

& how to use it online to shine bright like a diamond!

Hey, real quick question; we’re in the midst of a global pandemic, half the world’s population has been locked up for over two years, most businesses have migrated to the E-world, the online became the new offline and we literally experienced a Digital Mondial, yet you haven’t managed to create a true Digital Presence for your business…. weird, right ?
Well, it is not so weird when we have an answer, and here is a quick one : your Brand is still struggling to shine online because it doesn’t have an E-Personality.

What is Branding ?

Let’s start with this question: what is a brand?
A brand is more than a logo, the name you choose for your business, or the packaging for your products. Here’s what a brand is, according to Tom Goodwin
“Brands are essentially patterns of familiarity, meaning, fondness, and reassurance that exist in the minds of people.”

If this is the Brand, then what is Branding?

Branding is a structured and ongoing process in which you must define who you want to be in the minds of your existing and potential customers, it is the process of differentiating your company from its competitors.
Once you decide what your Branding is , you should next create a strategy that translates how you want to be perceived as a company then steadily build and develop that perception.

What is a Brand Identity?

Imagine if we lived in a world where everyone looked the same, where everyone had the same voice and tone, where everyone spoke the same language, walked and talked the same way, had the same personality, the same laugh, where everyone had the same facial expressions and body language. Can you imagine such a boring and inauthentic world? You don’t have to, this world really exists; on the internet.
Now, imagine that in such a boring and inauthentic world, someone dares to be different, to have their own look, their own voice, their own tone, their own style, their own expressions, imagine that someone has succeeded in creating their own personality, their own values, and identity!
Just as you are different and unique as you are in the real world, your brand must be different and unique in its own way. Your Brand has to have its own identity to create its online path.
I can see you smiling as you imagine it, please keep smiling but stop imagining because your brand will be THAT person just by having its own Identity and Personality in a world full of lookalikes.

What is Brand Personality?

According to Dr. Jennifer Aaker in her book: Branding Personality;
“Brand personality refers to human characteristics associated with a brand. They’re expressed as adjectives that convey how you want people to perceive you (e.g. cheerful, youthful, dependable, friendly, responsible, sophisticated and so on).”

In other words, brand personality is how you Humanize your company in the minds and eyes of your customers, it’s how you make them feel like they are dealing with a human being,or better yet, a friend.
Your Brand Personality is how you connect with your customers and present your company as someone who talks your customer’s talk and walks their walk.

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