The Whole World in One Place

Known as the first Expo to be held in the Middle East in the history of World Expos, Expo 2020 Dubai will represent a celebration of human brilliance and marvelous achievements. ?

And we hold sky-high expectations of what is yet to come! ?

Expo 2020 Dubai plays a major role in boosting tourism and accelerating the development of innovative businesses. And as the largest event taking place in the UAE, it will offer you the chance to network with international business minds, share expertise and knowledge and interact with investors and tourists from every corner around the globe! ?

Wait, there is more! ?

You can indulge in a world of experiences and unleash your inner techie, by taking a look at ground-breaking inventions, enjoying entertainment events from opera to A-listers, pop-up theatres to flash mobs, and parades to national day celebrations. ?️


You can see hundreds of uniquely structured pavilions that will feature exhibits, meeting places and entertainment catered for you.

So, after exploring the first international Expo in the UAE, you are probably wondering what’s on the menu? ?

You can engage your senses with more than 50 global cuisines – encountering street food, old classics and new favorites, and dishes from around the globe. ?

For this event, the UAE has chosen the slogan “connecting minds creating the future” and it’s split into three subthemes; Opportunity, Mobility, and Sustainability. As it is expected to attire over 25 million people and over 200 participants.

This couldn’t be more exciting! We’re definitely going, how about you? ?

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